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Benefits Of A Brunch Wedding in Calgary

Health Benefits Of A Brunch Wedding  in Calgary

Instead of watching the sun set on your wedding day, watch the sunrise! This theme is a perfect for a couple that doesn’t want to party all night, has a lower budget or just wants something different! Ask a Calgary Wedding Planner.

1.    Brunch foods are less expensive and still delightful!
2.    It is more convenient for older guests and children to attend because the event doesn’t go late into the night.
3.    You can still drink! Provide mimosas and beer for your guests and save tons of money because your guests will drink less during the day and don’t have a huge choice of hard liquors.
4.    The venue is usually cheaper and you can hold the event during the week or on a Sunday.
5.    The venue will be less likely booked.
6.    You can still have a dance!
7.    You can provide a lounge area for guests to relax and mingle with each other.
8.    Your guests wont mind a morning wedding when you have a coffee bar set up!
9.    You can glam up the event or have a casual affair.
10.    Your guests can enjoy lawn games if your wedding takes place outside.
11.    You can provide a cereal bar for the kids.
12.    Your guests will enjoy the freshly squeezed juices and smoothies!
13.    The bride and groom can leave for their honeymoon on the same day!

How does one become a physiotherapist?


Determining whether physiotherapy is the appropriate career path involves a number of key decisions. The education to become a physiotherapist involves years of work and it is important to decide if it is the right choice for you. As a trained physiotherapist from Canada, I can say that characteristics of a physiotherapist involve a keen interest in anatomy, health and physical activity, as well as an ability to show empathy and a need to help others.

The Physical Therapy program is a 2 year master’s degree at accredited universities across Canada. The curriculum involves a combination of academic and clinical components. The physical therapy program covers three major areas including cardiorespiratory, neurological and orthopaedic rehabilitation. Every physiotherapist will discover their niche whether it be in a private clinic setting treating clients after an injury or in a hospital encouraging mobility and allowing for a safe return home.

Physical therapy is not all about treating athletes and being involved in sports, although that is one stream of physiotherapy, there is even more patients who physiotherapists help manage other acute and chronic conditions. I currently work in a canadian physiotherapy centre and deal with a different case on a daily basis. Physical therapists can help treat patients from stroke paralysis, to a sprained ankle to upper back pain, etc.

Physical therapy is an occupation that provides much opportunity for continued growth and development. The field of research in rehabilitation is constantly growing and there is much to be learned every day!

We hope Canadian parents and children like the topics we present not only about leading a healthy life but also how to become a trained health professional.

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